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In today's competitive employment and business landscape, there's a great way to show that you are serious about success: an IOWL student membership.

Your OWL student membership will provide you with a range of benefits to support you in both your studies and your future career, giving you a competitive advantage when applying for jobs or setting up your own business.

Our student members have access to regular events where you will meet professionals, employers, entrepreneurs - all business leaders who will share with you their knowledge gained from a wealth of experience and who could become valuable contacts for the immediate and long-term future. Your OWL student membership will give you the opportunity to attend OWL events featuring elite speakers and leaders from all spheres of life.

Become a student member now and get involved

Your student membership will also give you access to the OWL’s enviable supply of Leadership information, material that will prove invaluable whether you need it for your own business or simply for essay writing. The Work Placement and Internships Noticeboard will put you in the front line for work experience and interning opportunities.

We look forward to welcoming you into our diverse and vibrant community and encourage you to get involved as much as possible. In return we will inform and educate you on the world of Leadership, help you to make valuable connections and ensure you develop a portfolio of practical leadership tools that will stay with you for the rest of your career.

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Gain your Leadership Advantage

Your Institute of One World Leadership (OWL) student membership will prove invaluable for anyone interested in Leadership, whether you see yourself as a potential corporate high-flyer, a budding entrepreneur or simply an ambitious student with an eye on the best possible degree. Benefits of student membership at OWL include the following:

Guru Panel

As a student member you will have access to our Guru Panel. This involves expert support from our mentoring group, comprising experienced people in the world of business - entrepreneurs, chairs, chief executives, business leaders, employers, coaches, HR specialists or legal experts. You will be able to communicate directly with them in person and in private.

Regional events

OWL Student Membership gives you member access to the OWL’s Regional event schedule, a dedicated programme of networking opportunities in your area, alongside privileged access to selected events. You will receive information about events taking place in your area through our monthly e-news or you can visit our events page.

Wise OWLS Student online community

OWL student membership entitles you to be a part of the OWL members-only LinkedIn group. This elite network of professionals, entrepreneurs, directors and business leaders is a perfect place to get your name and your business known among key influencers. The network can also be an invaluable sounding board, provoke interesting discussion and provide a great source of feedback.

Internships and work placements

Your OWL student membership gives you access to our placement and internships noticeboard within our online student community. Any exciting Internship and work placement opportunities from our Professional level members can be found here.

Catalyst Magazine App

Included in your Student Membership is digital access to Catalyst - Our leading magazine for One World Leaders. Packed with lively and informative features, inspirational case studies and interviews and shorter advisory items, it is considered an essential read for Leaders and will provide a valuable insight into the latest Leadership issues, challenges and philosophy.

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To be eligible for the Institute of One World Leadership's student membership you must currently be a student at a recognised university or have graduated within the last two years.

Student membership is a great choice if you are:

  • Intend seeking a leadership role, aspiring towards one, or intending to apply for one.
  • Seeking the latest Leadership resources to ensure you stay up to date with the fast-changing world of Leadership.
  • Wanting to socialise, discuss and learn from an interested and supportive community of professionals.

Fees for up to 21 months membership

If you choose 9 months membership, your membership fee is renewable on 1 June 2023 and then annually on 1 June. If you choose 21 months membership, your membership fee is renewable on 1 June 2024 and then annually on 1 June. Don't worry, we'll send you renewal information well before the due date to remind you how much is due. Annual payment will be collected until you advise us otherwise.

Student membership - USD

Length of membership Joining fee Membership fee Total Renewal date
9 months 55.18 103 158.18 1 June 2023
21 months 55.18 239.57 294.75 1 June 2024

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Am I eligible to join the OWL

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