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Kick start and continue your journey

Having the right values and attitudes to be a great leader is the foundation upon which to build your leadership capability and competencies. The Instituto de Uno Mundo Liderazgo offers you a choice of routes to accelerate and navigate your leadership journey, in whatever role you find yourself.

Our choice of professional progression is available to registered members of OWL. Our Open courses are available to non-members and registered affiliates.

Our open courses for all

IOWLs open courses are specifically designed for leaders, covering the wide spectrum of roles, responsibilities and leadership skills that are essential in today’s evolving business landscape.

The Professional Route

Our courses are the perfect form of CPD to enhance your knowledge and skills in a flexible, interactive environment. Our expert practitioners deliver the latest strategic insight and live industry case studies for practical application. IOWLs open courses can also form part of a tailored training package for you and your organisation.

Perpetual Desarrollo de Valor

PVD or Perpetual Desarrollo de Valoris something we have deliberately created at the Institute. Unlike CPD or Continuing Professional Development which is used to indicate an individual’s progress in maintaining a minimum level of technical competence, Perpetual Desarrollo de Valorrepresents the never ending quest to understand your impact on the people and world around you, and how you can add value to yourself, and everything you are involved with.