Liderazgo de Valor Positivo™

The measure of a One World Leader is determined against the Liderazgo de Valor PositivoMap. This map defines the key traits and values which make a Positive Leader.

All applicants applying for membership of the Institute will be assessed against this map. Upon successful certification, you will be awarded a certification according to your level of membership application and attainment.

You will be required to complete the OWLs proprietary PVL assessment. This will involve answering a series of Values and Leadership based questions.

You will also need to provide a list of contacts from your personal, professional and extended network. We will randomly select a number of these contacts to verify your responses to the PVL. This will involve asking your contacts to complete an assessment of their experience and interactions with you, and the Leadership values and traits you have displayed in different contexts.

The results of these assessments will determine the grade of membership you can attain.

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