The Pillar of Positivity

Our Professional Exemplars set the Instituto de Uno Mundo Liderazgo and its members apart. It is what we stand for, as positive leaders personifying the Values of Liderazgo de Valor Positivo. They are derived from the six sides of the Pillar and Foundation Stone of Liderazgo de Valor Positivo.

The Exemplars are a coalescence and articulation of the values within the Pillar of PVL. The Code is binding on all members. As such, it forms a critical ingredient of our value proposition. It also sends a clear message to organisations that, by employing a One World Leader they gain immediate added value.

The Power of Six

  • Probity - OWLs will not use their position to influence, force or coerce any individual, entity or organisation into acts which are harmful to the same. OWLs will also challenge any individual who undertakes any such harmful acts.

  • Potency - OWLs will be inclusive to all, exclusive to none and will uplift people with every interaction.

  • Planet - OWLs will use resources; human, natural and capital, responsibly in an efficient manner, taking account of and mitigating the organisational, societal, and planetary consequences of their use.

  • People - OWLs will treat people with dignity, respect, and be mindful of the emotional, mental and physical impact they have on the well-being of others.

  • Perception - OWLs will encourage and facilitate the exchange of information, not withholding or using information for inequitable advantage.

  • Participation - OWLs will be forthright in engendering a collaborative approach in all working relationships, assisting others where they can, being virtuous and ethical.