What are our key areas of focus?

In a world increasingly connected by technology, as the distances between nations shrink, the gap between cultures continues to grow, while global complexity increases. With One World and One Chance, intercultural and international cooperation is critical for success and survival. We create Leaders for the world stage; no matter how large or small their sphere of influence, their impact is global.

Our Priorities

  • Promoting excellence in Positive Leadership
  • Supporting local, regional, national and international collaboration
  • Demonstrating the criticality of Liderazgo de Valor Positivo™ (PVL)
  • Creation of Positive Spheres of Influence™ (PSI)
  • Invest in and pursue PVL™ and PSI™ Research
  • Influence and accelerate the adoption of PVL™ and PSI™

Helping all with Positive Leadership Values to take a Leadership role

The Instituto de Uno Mundo Liderazgo will enable everyone across the world’s four income levels† with positive leadership values, to have access to the OWL global leadership network.

Members of OWL will also contribute a portion of Las cuotas de afiliación, to the OWL foundation fund. This will enable less advantaged individuals to attain subsidised membership of OWL and access to development resources.

†The four income levels are defined by the Gapminder Foundation, and compares access to drinking water, transportation, cooking, eating, and sleeping resources.

Equal Accessibility of Learning and Leadership

The Institute promotes the adoption of Liderazgo de Valor Positivo™ by all individuals in, or aspiring to hold, a position of power*, authority or responsibility. They should be an exemplar to society and a catalyst for the adoption of social change for the benefit of all humanity. All persons should experience Liderazgo de Valor Positivoregardless of race, colour, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, age or disability.

* Positions of power include, but are not limited to, Reward Power, Coercive Power, Referent Power, Legitimate Power, Expert Power, Informational Power.

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